8 Ways to Self-Promote in a Shared Office Space

Why is self-promotion important? Promoting yourself and your work is an important part of moving your business forward, attracting new customers and gaining a good reputation. Yet so many of us find it difficult. Nobody wants to seem pushy or over-confident. Self-promotion isn’t about trying to convince them that you’re the ‘best’, it’s about giving people the right impression and encouraging them to see you as someone who is likeable, reliable and capable. 

Building rapport and growing good relationships is the best form of self-promotion. This is easier and more natural in a shared workspace; so let’s look at ways to boost your self-promotion skills.

1. Know your Stuff

If you know your area of business well, then you should be an expert, not a salesperson. Having the knowledge required to give good advice is much more important than making sure people know how successful you are. This means knowing what you’re talking about, so before you give your opinion or advice, make sure it’s backed up by solid knowledge or research. 

It’s so much easier to demonstrate your expertise when you’re working alongside different people from different backgrounds and business types. When you regularly interact with different people, you have more opportunities to demonstrate your skills.

2. Ask Questions

If you want to know something, it makes sense to ask questions. Not only does it show humility, but it also sends a very clear signal to those around you. It shows them that you’re willing to learn and that you have the confidence to seek answers rather than pretending you already know everything! But there’s an added benefit to asking questions of those around you, and that’s building a rapport. Asking others about their work, or for their opinions makes people feel valued and respected, and this, in turn, helps them to feel the same way about you. 

In a coworking space, you encounter people with a wide range of different skills, so there’s always something to learn and always someone to connect with – an ideal way to promote yourself and what you do!

3. Help and Share

A coworking workspace functions best when people are generous with their skills, time and resources. When you help someone out – and this could be as simple as opening a door or passing them a stapler – you naturally make a connection with that person. It creates a pleasant environment, but it also encourages an atmosphere where people work together. 

When you’re an integral part of creating this atmosphere, you can be seen as someone who can be trusted, a natural leader. This is an excellent way to self-promote without having to shout about how great you are; simply demonstrate the qualities that make a coworking space thrive.

4. Honesty

A reputation for honesty is one of the most important methods of self-promotion. In a coworking space, you will encounter lots of different people doing lots of different things in their own unique way. This means there’s a lot more opportunity to work for, or with, your colleagues. How you respond to them will have a big effect on how they feel about you. Give your honest opinion when asked for it; you can do this without being critical by being careful about the language you use and offering constructive feedback. If you’re known to have integrity, you’re going to find it much easier to build up rapport with those around you. You will earn their trust, and trust is essential if you’re hoping to attract business from those in your coworking space or from those you want to collaborate with. 

5. Be Energetic

Show people that you get a lot done, that you’re keen to succeed and that you have the energy and passion to thrive. In a shared workspace, this means using the space well. Work hard when you sit down at a desk, be friendly in shared areas and look after the place with the kind of energy that shows you care about it. Passive people often get passed over, while energetic people give those around them the impression that they’re going to succeed. 

In a coworking space, you will find passive people and passionate people. Passionate coworkers are naturally the most approachable, while the passive can appear aloof. When you want to promote yourself and what you do, it’s important to engage people with your passion.

6. Show an Interest

With so many different industries represented in a coworking space, it’s good to show a genuine interest in what other people do. This makes it much easier to start a conversation and build up a rapport with your fellow coworkers. One of the best ways to promote yourself is to use these conversations to find something in common with the person you’re talking to. Even a business that’s completely different from your own will have aspects that you can relate to. Finding these aspects creates a sort of shared experience and this helps you relate to the person you’re talking to. By simply showing an interest, you can create a connection. This automatically makes you a good choice for working together or providing a product or service that the person may need in the future.

7. Share Successes

Don’t be shy about sharing your successes; this can be done in a way that doesn’t alienate people. It can be hard to celebrate something you’re proud of without coming across as showing off. However, there are ways to do this, and in a shared workspace, it’s even easier because you’re not in competition with those around you. There isn’t the same sense of beating your colleagues to the prize, because you’re all aiming for different things. 

A great way to share your successes is to literally share them! Bring a box of sweet treats in to share with the others in celebration. This way you don’t have to announce your success, you can simply explain why everyone’s morning break just got sweeter.

8. Network

One of the best things about coworking is that it prevents isolation by offering easy ways for individuals and businesses to mix. Joining in with different events that are available in your coworking space is one of the easiest forms of self-promotion. Simply being at these events shows a willingness to engage with the other people in the shared space, it gives you an opportunity to talk to other people about what they do and share with them what you do. Even if you’re naturally introverted, a networking event in a coworking space is an easy, accessible way to make contacts and promote yourself. Check out our blog on how coworking is perfect for networking.

Self-Promotion? Get Working!

Self-promotion is essential when you’re the public face of your business. In a coworking space, you have more opportunity to self-promote without being pushy. Coworking makes it easier for your natural talent and personality to shine through. Simply forming good relationships with the people in the shared workspace is key to building rapport, and that’s the best form of self-promotion there is.

At Areaworks, we design workspaces that make it easy to do what you do and promote your work naturally. Whether you want a regular spot in a collaborative space in London or a day pass tailored to your changing needs, we can help. Book a tour of one of our Areaworks spaces, have a cuppa and see what we can do for you.

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