Bake-Off Journey in Areaworks Hackney

The bake-off competition in Areaworks has been a huge hit in our Hackney branch!

It’s been a great way for our members to socialise with each other, put their skills to the test and bring out their competitive side! We’ve had all sorts of delicious baked goods, from banoffee pies and Guinness cakes to salmon quiches and everything in between!

All the Areaworkers who took part made an amazing effort each week – it really has been an extra spark of excitement for the coworking space. Everyone has gotten involved, voting for their favourite baked goods each week and we must say, it has been an exciting environment to be in.

After 9 weeks of bake-off rounds, we can finally, proudly present our bake-off winner – congratulations to Mike!

For the final round we took things up a notch, and the two finalists had to decorate their pre-made victoria sponge cakes live in our Areaworks branch. They were filmed live and tasked with drawing their opponent on their cake using cake decorations. This was a great event in-branch, and everyone gathered around to watch this intense final of the bake-off. The whole thing was amazing and turned out to be a great laugh.

We’ve captured so many memories throughout the past 9 weeks and look back at the photographs fondly. It’s safe to say we caught the baking bug, and this will be the first of many bake-off competitions in Areaworks. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one…

Week 1 – Cake Week: Sasha vs Gareth

Week 2 – Cupcake Week: Emma vs Steph

Week 3 – Savoury Week: Jude vs Michelle

Week 4 – Biscuit Week: James vs Everest

Week 5 – Tray Bakes Week: Mike vs Isabelle

Week 6 – Pie Week: Kat vs Chris

Week 7 – Cookies Week: Mike vs Michelle

Week 8 – Fruit Cakes Week: Emma vs Gareth vs Kat

Week 9 – The Final: Mike vs Gareth

If this sounds like your dream work environment (cakes and coworking – what more could you want?!) then why not pop into one of our spaces, or book a tour and we can show you around. You could be the next Areaworks bake-off champion…

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