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Staff learning and development has become a hot topic as CEO’s realise the value of refreshing their workers skills and keeping teams motivated.
Workplace stress has always been around, but since the global pandemic hit, the stats around the wellbeing of the workforce changed dramatically, with employees’ mental distress during the pandemic 49% higher compared to the years 2017-2019.
In need of some funding for your small business? These grants should give you a boost, wherever you're based in the UK
Coworking space for students has been one of the fun, unexpected things to come out of the pandemic that genuinely works, and will continue to benefit students even after the pandemic.
From creatives to number-crunchers, and everyone in between, the networking and collaboration possibilities are endless.
The generation that will ensure the continuation of our businesses in the future, are becoming more and more sought after. Forward-thinking companies rightly see millennials’ creativity, lateral thinking and understanding of emerging technologies as a positive asset.
The current roadmap out of lockdown suggests Working From Home will continue until June 21st, but nevertheless it is important to know what to expect when work does resume, and to mentally prepare ourselves to enter office life once again.
When we go back to the office, does the traditional office space remain practical? Or is there something better, more modern, and more exciting waiting in the wings? In this article we explore the pros and cons of both workspaces to help you decide -- do you return to work as usual? Or is it time to
As the world adapts to a new normal and people's jobs have been affected like never before, there is no better time to explore that idea and go it alone to make your start-up dreams come true!
From healthy foods to healthy habits, start off 2021 the right way and detox your body!
WFH shouldn’t literally mean that you have to actually work from home (as for so many, this isn’t feasible). We prefer the term remote working – as in, you can work anywhere, remotely! And this is where coworking comes to the fore as the perfect solution!
While lockdowns and COVID-regulations are necessary, they’ve also given way to another challenge: the recession. This one is a little different as it has a significant impact to the way we work. But coworking could be the perfect solution for you during these tough times and beyond!
With more and more COVID-safe shops and offices opening across the country, many have been asking whether coworking spaces are now open. In this article, we'll take a look at this, alongside what measures have been put in place to ensure coworking spaces have been able to open safely.
We've explored the rise of coworking spaces - with a focus on those in Greater London - and explained why coworking is seeing such a big demand!
With businesses big and small trying to cut costs while also restoring functionality, coworking could be a cost-effective solution worth considering. A drop in overheads, increased productivity and improvements to mental health are just some of the benefits of coworking spaces.
We're expanding our team as the company continues to grow and are delighted to welcome Markus Malik to Areaworks.
As the world grapples with the idea of a ‘new normal’, we have evaluated the role of coworking in our society and how the concept of a shared workspace may be able to solve some of the problems that lie ahead, for both workers and employers.
In line with government guidelines, we have introduced new policies and procedures throughout our spaces to ensure member and staff safety comes first.
How to make the most of quarantine life.
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