Why Coworking and Collaborative Spaces are Here to Stay

Although office spaces have been around for dozens of years, the idea of “coworking” has only really become a commonly used term over the past 10 years or so. It’s crazy to think of a time where offices weren’t shared spaces designed to promote creativity, collaboration and community – but there was such a time! Over recent years, as coworking has become a movement in and of itself, we have noticed a number of emerging trends. Inevitably some have turned out to be short-lived fads that come part and parcel with any new concept. However, as coworking continues to blow up, there have been a number of substantial trends that seem to be here for the long haul! From the changes in those who use a coworking and collaborative space, to what people are looking for from their place of work and how the future is looking brighter than ever for community workspaces in London and the world as a whole; let’s delve into what really keeps coworking at the heart of business in 2019!

So Why are Coworking and Collaborative Spaces Here to Stay in 2020 & the Years to Come

The trends highlight some huge agendas for change in the future, but what about for the here and now? Here is why community workspaces are here to stay!

An infographic that shows the advantages of coworking and collaborative spaces to employees' productivity, emotions and confidence.

Collaborative Environment – No More Lone-Worker Blues!

In 2018, there are more of us than ever working non-traditional hours, whether it’s through freelancing or working for a big corporation, and the need for engagement can be crucial to one’s motivation and wellbeing. To be frank, working from a coworking office is less lonely! In fact 83% of coworkers had admitted that they felt less lonely after joining a coworking space! A further 90% felt more confident as a result of the collaborative environment, proving that these places are vital for the future of successful business. With surveys revealing that 80% of coworkers report that they turn to other coworkers for help or guidance, it appears that one of the core drivers for an increase in coworking population revolves around the community within! There is no other environment in the world to offer a professional drive towards community, with community workspaces adding a whole new meaning to “work family”. We envision that this sense of belonging will be a key selling point for future entrepreneurs looking for a great place to work from.

Coworking Communities – Feeling Part of Something Bigger!

With the aforementioned statistics revealing the rapid growth in the coworking industry, there seems no better time to be a part of it – and it is this realisation that will keep coworking communities up and coming for the years to come. In this day and age, everyone wants to be a part of the newest and most exciting social changes. And with the digital world ever-changing and evolving, shared offices such as ours will remain at the forefront of technology and availability, offering something unique and unmatched elsewhere. We are now entering into a phase where coworking is more than just kick-starters, but a varied mix of industry professionals, big and small companies; and this unique environment will continue to draw attention from new and interested parties.

Round the Clock Support

As the business world develops to keep up with the times, the need to clock in and out is slowly being phased out. In fact, now more than ever we want to be able to access our business at any time of the day, and luckily technology allows this! For the future growth of business, the ability to work at any time of day from a fully functioning office space will become paramount. For us, this means the spaces like ours will thrive as business continues to develop. With the current political changes, there is a level of uncertainty present for many business people, and a stable and secure place of work can offer relief and certainty in an otherwise unstable time. As things continue to change, the world of coworking and short-term contracts will only serve as a more popular option for those looking to continue working securely.

Coworking for the Future of Your Business

The growth of collaborative office spaces are testament to their huge potential to create incredible businesses and assist those stuck in a rut to thrive and become inspired. There is arguably a level of commitment to becoming part of a coworking space community, but given the varied benefits we’ve covered, it seems like a worthy investment! Whether you want one or two hours every day, or 24/7 access to your business needs, a coworking and collaborative space such as Areaworks provide unique and more importantly FUN places that will help you meet like-minded folk, enjoy a coffee over business proposals and get things done! If you are still not sure why coworking could be the future of your business, why not get in touch and we can take you on a whistle-stop tour of one of our incredible offices – you will be surprised at how quickly the creativity bug sets in!

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