Coworking Space Trends to Look Forward to in 2019!

There is no denying that 2018 has been a great year for coworking spaces! With more of us than ever before opting for a flexible approach to business, this year is looking to be even bigger for the industry, and we’re excited!

As it stands there are over 14,000 coworking spaces across the world, filled to the brim with millions of diverse individuals all striving for a more innovative, inspiring and inclusive way of working. But what exactly should we expect of coworking spaces in 2019?

Today, we are reflecting on the past 12 months, and looking at the growing coworking space trends that are set to be huge in 2019. So, if you’re not part of a coworking community yet, you may want to stick around to see why 2019 may be the best year to start!

Going the Extra Mile

Coworking as a concept has been around for decades, with one of the first ever starting in New York back in 1903. As the years have passed, shared office working has evolved dramatically, but there is more change on the horizon.

Once aimed at freelancers, solo entrepreneurs and small businesses, the coworking space was just that, a space that included the bare necessities to work productively away from home. In fact, once upon a time, one could expect little more than a computer on a desk and a communal kitchen. However, as time has moved on and business has become more technologically advanced, we have seen the implementation of more mod cons than we could shake a stick at!

A coworking space, particularly those situated in cities like London, require a bit of something extra to stand out from the crowd. In 2018, we saw a rise in things such as childcare, animal facilities and in-house accountants making an appearance on the coworking scene, and it’s only the beginning.

In keeping with the idea of bringing people together and making an all-in-one business powerhouse, it is no longer enough to have the fastest Wi-Fi in town. With a rise in working mothers, things such as on-site childcare will put coworking spaces miles ahead of the competition who are still dragging their heels, whilst others can benefit from bringing their furry friend to work, a benefit which for many will be incredibly appealing.

2019 is set to be THE YEAR for going the extra mile, so forget a couple of extra chairs, you can expect bigger and better-added extras to come, which will transform the idea of coworking to a whole new level.

Catering to the Masses

If you have a keen eye for business trends, then you will likely already be aware of the merge between corporate businesses and coworking spaces. Yes, that’s right – we have seen the likes of Facebook, Microsoft and Starbucks reaping the benefits of working from a coworking office.

When it comes down to the bare bones of it, coworking is more affordable, more effective and more encouraging than working from the traditional office, and businesses are starting to notice!

For employers looking to boost team morale whilst improving those margins, a coworking office may be just the very solution. Not only will there be great exposure to enthusiastic start-ups, but individuals will feel they have more autonomy and freedom, making for an overall more effective and productive workforce.

2019 is set to be even bigger for corporate businesses, and as such we should expect a change in the way many coworking spaces conduct themselves. Whilst there are plenty of coworking joints out there that will stick to what they do best, which is big, open, coworking office spaces. There will be a huge rise in those opting to diversify the layout of their office to cater not only to the creative freelancer, but also to appeal to the corporate team.

Tailoring to the Niche Market

As coworking spaces become more popular, we have seen more and more of these shared workspaces appearing, particularly in key locations such as London, where you can find a coworking space in any main part of the city. With such a concentrated market, it is more important than ever to find a USP that will ensure longevity and promise something special for the client.

Niche coworking spaces are a slightly newer idea. We have started to note more industry-specific shared offices over the past twelve months, with 2019 promising to be even riper with user-specific workspaces.

For many shared office goers, the appeal is in the community. Freelancers will be the first to tell you how isolating it can be to work for yourself, and there is something special about working surrounded by like-minded people. Whether you are all singing from the same hymn sheet or not, there is a particular appeal to being exposed to others who share your passions, and with whom ideas can be bounced off.

A rise in niche coworking offices will mean that professionals belonging to specific industries can benefit not only from a like-minded community but also from specialist equipment and purpose-built interiors that will boost productivity and success.

Future Proofing

2018 has been a year of advancement, with AI making a huge impact amongst every industry we can think of. It is without a doubt that we will be seeing less man-driven coworking offices as AI continues to be implemented. Think 24/7 security without the need for staff, system security like you’ve never experienced it before and the ability to work anywhere, at any time. Rest assured that our Areaworks spaces will always give you that personal, human interaction – but the assistance of technology only makes things better!

Along with the wonders of artificial intelligence, we can only expect great things from the rest of the technology aspects of communal working. Speedy Wi-Fi is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tech-savvy gadgets that will help workers become more efficient with ease.

But technology isn’t the only thing securing the bright future of coworking. We must look further than fancy printing and consider the ergonomics that have started creeping into coworking client’s preferences when it comes to a great shared office space. Standing desks, ergonomically friendly seating and alternative furniture are becoming higher in demand, and as 2019 approaches, we can expect more of the same.

With a survey showing that 42% of coworking space owners believing that standing desks are great for improving health and a further 54% actually having standing desks, it is only going to grow in popularity!

Are You Ready For 2019 As the Biggest Year for Coworking Spaces?

As 2019 kicks-off we are preparing for an influx of coworking trends to strike. As one of London’s most dynamic shared offices, we pride ourselves on our flexibility, dedication to creativity and fantastic atmosphere! If you are on the hunt for a shared office space in 2019, why not get in touch with us and or book a tour of one of our spaces see what you’re missing out on?

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