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At Areaworks, as well as providing open coworking spaces that encourage collaboration and innovation, we support our members by offering health and wellbeing opportunities, so they can feel great. We’re big supporters of local businesses and champion those that make a positive impact on the local area. As part of our ‘Friends of Areaworks’ series, we chatted with the early-bird, health and wellbeing enthusiast and teacher, Beata Durinikova. Or, Bea as she known to us.

Bea can be described as a ‘sports-nut and she herself says that “she lives and breathes fitness.” Having worked in the fitness industry in various guises for the last 14 years, she discovered yoga, after seriously injuring her knee. From this, Bea instantly fell in love with the immense power this gentle practice has.

Bea practices and teaches various styles of yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Rocket, Restorative, and Hot Yoga. Who knew that there are so many different types of yoga? We didn’t!

Bea has been working with Areaworks to bring yoga to its members. Coworking offers lots of flexibility, but once someone gets into their creative zone, it can be tough to break out of it. For those who find it difficult to make it to a gym or to fit some exercise into their daily routine, Bea is bringing fitness to them in their coworking space, so they can easily fit some exercise into their day.

As well as teaching yoga, Bea is also a Personal Fitness Trainer and teaches Meditation and Pranayama, as well as being an Indian Head Massage Practitioner. In short, she is the go-to person for health and wellbeing.

Bea’s day starts before most of us have even gotten out of bed. She gets up at 5.15am to walk her beloved dog and at 6.30am she practices yoga. Even though she is the first to admit she would love to have more sleep, Bea says “this is the best way to set your body and mind for the long busy day ahead.”

Bea describes one of the best moments, as working with a student with hip and shoulder problems and the powerful impact that yoga had on them. Bea says, “She had no strength at all. After working with me she now she can do half wheels with no problems and hold the plank for 5 long breaths. Her physio is very proud of her and told her this is due to her doing yoga.”

Bea doesn’t see her work as work, she describes it as a lifestyle. She is passionate about sharing yoga’s healing and strengthening powers with people. She feels immense pride when she works with someone who initially thought they couldn’t do yoga as they’re not flexible enough, and who after doing it for a while see great improvements in their movement, strength and in the management of pain and stress.


Bea is focused on opening up her own studio and growing her yoga family. Whilst working towards this, she is sharing the positive power of yoga with the local residents and businesses.

If reading this has given you the yoga bug, you can find out more about Bea and the classes she teaches on her website: Also, read more about the positive impact that yoga can have on your workday here.


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