Helping Others Can Make You Happy

Helping others is such a powerful way to boost your own happiness as well as improve the happiness of those around us. It can be something small such as a genuine compliment, a smile or thoughtful gesture. These choices enhance positive connections in our society today. Giving isn’t just about money or things, helping others can be giving your time, care, skills, thoughts or attention. Sometimes these mean as much, if not more than financial gifts.

Here are 3 significant benefits of helping others:

1. Provides a sense of purpose

Individuals feel a sense of purpose when they give to others. Whether you’re volunteering to help the homeless or simply helping someone carry their groceries, you feel an amazing sense of satisfaction. Ultimately, this leads to improved personal wellbeing.

2. Less stress and tension

A study conducted in 2010 revealed that people who gave money to charities had lower cortisol levels. People who gave less/no money to charities were found to have a higher level of the stress hormone in their body. Therefore it was concluded that the act of helping others can help reduce stress.

3. Helping others leads to more happiness for you

Helping others triggers our brain in many positive ways. When we help others our brains release oxytocin serotonin and dopamine. These hormones have a positive effect on how we feel; boosting our mood and counteracting the effect of cortisol (the stress hormone).

Giving to others can help improve your mental and physical health; it reduces stress, combats depression and provides a sense of purpose. It really is the ultimate win-win!

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