How To Identify The Best Coworking Spaces In London

With statistics revealing that the number of coworking members across the globe is set to rise to 5.1 million in 2022, it seems as though shared workspaces are becoming the new norm when it comes to all things business.

With this rise in popularity across London particularly, with shared workspaces rising by a rate of 200% over the past five years, its no longer just freelancers who are benefiting from community workspaces. Companies, big and small, have begun to join the coworking community to escape those expensive and tying fees, and to benefit from the flexibility and collaboration coworking office spaces have to offer.

So whether you’re trying to provide more autonomy for your team, or simply want to benefit from a more cost-effective work environment, check out our tips for finding the best coworking spaces in London that will see your team getting the most out of every work day.

Why Consider A Coworking Space For Your Team?

Have you ever caught yourself wondering how you can inspire more enthusiasm amongst your team? Perhaps your office setup is dated, or members of your team feel under pressure in a traditional office environment. There are so many benefits to moving to a shared office space that aren’t only helpful to your wallet, but can work wonders for overall job satisfaction and motivation.

There are a number of benefits to working from a coworking space; amenities, flexibility and collaboration just to name a few – but you can find out more about those coworking benefits here. What we want to focus on today is HOW to ensure you are going to be taking your team to the most fit for purpose coworking space in London!

Location, Location, Location

So you have decided that coworking is the way forwards for your business, now the only thing to do is decide on WHERE to set up shop. Remember, you’re not looking just for you, but for the team and company as a whole, so location is vital.

Consider things such as travel distance for your team. Is it in a central spot, or does it have regular and convenient transport links? Getting this crucial element wrong can see a team of disgruntled workers, so best to plan ahead!

Many of the best coworking spaces in London offer multiple sites from which you can work. At Areaworks, we have two open locations with several more coming soon, meaning that our members have more choice than ever before. For a team of workers who may travel a lot, or host meetings for different professionals dotted across the city, this can make all the difference.

Other aspects of location that are important to consider are the surrounding amenities; can you nip to the local sandwich shop or is the nearest spot for a good coffee and a bite to eat a thirty minute walk away? Whilst most coworking joints offer coffee and snacks often at no extra cost, it is always good to have the option to stretch your legs if you want too.

Is It Up To Speed?

In the digital age we are now living in, fast Wi-Fi and up-to-date technology are pretty vital. Even for the company who requires only the basics, getting those things right can make all the difference for productivity and morale.

It is important to know exactly what your team will need to benefit from a community workspace. If you only require the bare minimum, great – but make sure you check first. What is the speed of the broadband? Can the Wi-Fi be accessed anywhere in the building? Is there a back-up service for the worst-case scenarios?

Remember that most coworking spaces in London will be more than happy to answer your questions; after all, they appreciate how important these things are for remote workers.

Once you have settled on a perfect location, amenities should be the second priority, and this can be everything from Internet access through to the brand of coffee machine. If it’s important to you, then ask!

Size Matters!

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects when it comes to picking the perfect coworking office is size. This is particularly true of smaller organisations that are looking to find themselves an ideal work joint, but may not have factored into the mix their own growth potential.

If this sounds like you, then don’t worry – we’ve got the perfect two-fold solution. First of all, take a tour. No two community workspaces are the same, some offer big open plan work stations whilst others lean towards more private offices, so take a tour and find out if what’s on offer will accommodate your team as it is. The second part is to consider whether you may be taking on more team members in the future. If you have committed to a room for you and your team that perfectly accommodates you, that’s great! However, if you expand, you may find a tinned sardine scenario occurring, so be forward thinking.


Getting More Bang For Your Buck!

One of the key draws for businesses moving to a coworking space is financial. With the coworking offices in London often offering competitive price plans and no strings attached offers, it is more tempting than ever to set up in a flexible workspace.

If you are considering a coworking office and are in the process of narrowing down your options, you need to consider what you will get for your money. Here at Areaworks, we offer a number of deals from a coworking day pass where you can pop in as and when it suits you, through to casual memberships, longer-term plans and, private offices.

This is great for companies looking to bring the team over to a shared office, you can come in for the day, check out the amenities, check out the vibe and most importantly vet it to find out if it will be the perfect match for your team.

Get Your Vibe On

So you’ve got your location, you know it’s got the best Wi-Fi for miles around and you are saving your company dollars, but you’re surrounded by uninspiring individuals – let us help you with that!

Don’t get us wrong, most workspaces are great in their own right, and many niche collaborative offices churn out some of the most innovative work you could imagine. However, if you are hoping to find yourself amongst a diverse range of individuals you need to ensure you get a spot with the right vibe for you.

At Areaworks, we’re a diverse community workspace, so you can be sure that no two days will be the same when it comes to the types of people you could be working alongside. We’re all about workspace culture, and we like to think we’ve got things pretty spot on, so we would always advise to book a tour so you can see for yourself.

There are a number of tell-tale signs as to whether a coworking space is going to be the right one for your team, but here are a few of the key things to look out for:

  • Is it a quiet or lively vibe? Decide which sort of environment you need for your team, and if the space can provide you with it.
  • Formal or informal? Is it all desks and chairs or slides and Ping-Pong?
  • Collaboration or Singularity? We’re big on collaboration – but not everyone is. Check out what events are being held, this should give you a better indication on the type of vibes to expect in the future.


What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re still mulling over your options, why not make a pit stop at Areaworks on your way to making a decision? Get in touch to book a no-obligation tour of our spaces and we can show you around and talk all things coworking.

If you’re not looking for a permanent fixture, don’t worry, we have flexible payment plans to suit the most casual of members. We don’t offer a stuffy office space, but we do offer collaboration, imagination and flexibility for all.



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