How to Protect Your Mental Health During Quarantine

We’re all living through difficult times at the moment, and adjusting to the new government measures of social distancing means our mental health can be significantly affected. During this unprecedented time, mental health should be a huge priority for us all and something we must not neglect while living in isolation. As we’re restricted in leaving the house, we may have to find new and alternative ways to protect our emotional wellbeing. Here we want to discuss some of the things that we have found to be a huge help for us!

Creating a healthy routine

Establishing a daily routine helps to create a feeling of stability and structure. While it can be easy to just go with the flow while working and living at home, it’s good to make a plan for the day or week ahead to help give your days some structure and break things up. Whether it’s getting up at the same time each morning, scheduling in a time to exercise and time for your working hours (if you have to remote work) or even just trying to take a break away from your screen – all these things can be a huge help to focus your mind.

Home Workouts

As fitness centres and gyms are now closed, we are all discovering new ways to workout at home. There are so many accessible fitness programs online, many of which are free! Instagram live videos from your favourite fitness professionals, to zoom video calls with your local fitness instructors, are just a few to look out for. It may be demotivating for some who like to strength train as there are limitations to equipment at home. However, finding a bodyweight workout on YouTube or getting creative in making your own home weights (water bottles are a go-to for us!) will definitely give you that endorphin hit and help you maintain a positive mindset.

Avoid the news and social media (as much as possible)

It’s completely understandable that we want to watch the news and keep an eye on social media channels more these days to keep up with updates on what’s going on. However, too much screen time can have a negative impact on our mental health, as unfortunately, the news at the moment isn’t very positive. One 2018 study found that “compulsive media use” triggered social media fatigue, ultimately leading to elevated anxiety and depression. To avoid the digital drain, dedicate a time window to mainstream media. It could be when the government make a new announcement or allocating an hour or two to updates on social media. This can help you maintain a positive mental state during this time.

We hope that you’re all staying safe and healthy during this uncertain time and that these tips will help you stay proactive and positive. Please let us know any other tips on how you’re maintaining a positive mindset – we’d love to hear from you. 

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