Members Spotlight – Charlie Marbles

We at Areaworks are very proud of the variety of professions and fields our members work in. One of our members is Charlie Marbles. Not only a film editor he also writes scripts and directs his own films. Charlie got into editing in the ’80s through his obsession with hip hop culture. He tells us that along with b-boying (breakdancing) he used to do “pause button” mixes on his double tape deck using stuff he’d record from the radio or from around the house or his favourite tunes. Here’s Charlie to tell you more about himself and his business.

What are you working on now?
Along with the producer/director Andrea Vecchiato, I am editing a documentary about Alan McGee and Creation records who was responsible for signing and/or managing bands such as the Jesus and Marychain, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, Ride, Happy Mondays and Oasis to name a few…

And what would you like to achieve in the next few years?
I want to finish this project and go straight into a hugely ambitious documentary series which I am developing called “Join the Dots” about how hip hop hit the UK in the late ’70s and ’80s. I already have the support of some very serious people both famous and underground. Additionally, I would like to make numerous shorts and finish the feature scripts I’ve been agonising over for oh so long. My biggest challenge so far has been finding a balance between time and money: supporting a family at the same time as developing ambitious projects.

What’s your greatest achievement to date?
My little boy Luka who is an incredible human being and getting a standing ovation at the premiere of my micro-budget feature documentary, “The Bboy Mercenaries”.

What do you love about your job?
The creativity… the opportunity to turn ideas into reality, and when you find the watershed moment with every project, when it goes click and you stop questioning your abilities and realise it’s going to work.

Why did you decide to join Areaworks?
Andrea did the searching and organising. We had to move from out of our previous place because it became too depressing. The people who ran it couldn’t care less about the space or those that worked within it and so we left. I’m much happier now.

What in your opinion is the key to your success so far?
Hard work, asking questions no matter how basic, hard work, listening to people, doing your homework, the hunger to do things a bit differently, being friendly and open-minded, to experiment and learn from mistakes and not to pay heed to insecure, negative people who are everywhere, unfortunately.

Are there any things you do to relax and balance yourself after a hard day’s work?
Play with my son, write scripts, watch films, read books, krav maga and a bit of boxing.

What have you been reading/watching/listening to lately?
Reading – “Life and Death on the New York Dance floor 1980 – 83” by Tim Lawrence,
Watching – “The Phantom of Liberty” by Luis Bunuel
Listening – Film soundtracks by various people: Roy Budd, Quincy Jones, Lalo Schifrin, etc.

Is there any advice that you’d give to yourself when you were just starting out?
Don’t let so many opportunities pass you by.

To read about some of our other past members’ Spotlight posts head over to our blog. Interested in joining the Areaworks family? Pop into our branches for a cuppa, or book a tour and we can show you around!

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