The Impact Coworking Spaces Have on a Company’s Brand Identity

Since the first coworking spaces started to appear over 10 years ago, around 15.000 have now opened all around the world. In the beginning, they were created to give remote employees and freelancers a stable place to work and provide them with resources that couldn’t be found at home or in a coffee shop. But more recently, coworking spaces have evolved and are able to also support the needs of larger organisations, and those that are unsure of the extent of their future expansion.

And whilst we’ve already taken a look at how coworking spaces benefit lone workers, who experience more flexibility, networking opportunities and a greater sense of community, it’s time to take a look at the impact coworking spaces have on the businesses they work for as well as their own brand.

1. Different types of coworking spaces have different values

It’s easy to notice that most coworking spaces offer a lot of the same services: day passes, dedicated and flexible desks, private offices, Wi-Fi, printing, etc. However, where these coworking spaces differentiate is the general vibe and atmosphere in the space – a vital aspect in ensuring you chose the right space for you! There’s a need to curate a space and an environment that will allow people to stay productive, and that will align with their companies’ identity.

Luckily, nowadays, it’s really easy to find a coworking space that’s tailored to suit your organisation’s values and image.

For example, at Areaworks, we offer creative, vibrant and welcoming spaces that are more than just coworking facilities, networking events or great coffee and Wi-Fi. Instead, all those things come together to create a space that centres the members, and that allows them to be in balance professionally and personally, a place where they belong and can call their own.

Whether you need a hot desk a few hours a week, require a larger office to support your growing team, a corporate environment or a more creative and versatile one, our Areaworks spaces are multifaceted, which will allow you to find anything you need for your business to grow and for your employees to feel in touch with their work environment.

2. Coworking gives more credibility to freelancers, smaller businesses and remote employees

Coworking spaces offer a wide variety of facilities and services. For example, in each of our Areaworks branches, you can find anything from hot desks, dedicated desks, to private offices, meeting rooms, catering facilities and more!

But this is not the only thing coworking spaces offer. They also provide a sense of professionalism and credibility that small companies couldn’t necessarily get anywhere else. It makes a good impression for potential clients and gives a certain sense of legitimacy. Moreover, it can help more established businesses establish a younger, more dynamic and trendy image.

3. A Balance between the coworking space’s brand identity and members’ brand identity

Ultimately, coworking is about finding the right space. But to what extent do members identify with the values and culture of their coworking space? Does it impact the way they identify with their own company?

Most companies nowadays invest a lot in creating a certain work culture as well as enhancing connectivity amongst their employees; but how does that work in a coworking space that houses several organisations with different work cultures and identities?

Generally, the first thing that comes to mind is that employees would identify more with their own organisation than with a coworking space. Indeed, it’s easy to think that a coworking space “is just a space” and that members would benefit more from its practical elements such as the internet connection, the facilities or the location. But thinking about it further, coworking can play a big part in shaping someone’s professional identity.

Indeed, the coworking space’s brand identity doesn’t necessarily dilute the identity of the organisations that are housed in this space; but it adds to it! There can be an even better outcome if the members’ organisations’ values align with their coworking space’s values.

At the end of the day, for a business, it’s all about finding a coworking space whose values will fit the business ethics, values and culture and for freelancers, it’s about finding a space that can help them develop an identity for their growing business.

In our Areaworks spaces, our strong brand culture shines through however, we adapt all our spaces to the location that we are in, ensuring that the atmosphere and vibe are perfectly curated for its surroundings! To take a look for yourself, why not book a tour of one of our locations to see if we can help enhance your business’s culture in our spaces. 



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