Top Tips on How to Use Creativity to Achieve Growth and Success

Creativity is a skill that every person possesses. However, the way we express and use that creativity varies from person to person and, just like other skills, can be strengthened and improved upon. As the old saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’! So, how does one practise creativity we hear you ask? And how do we utilise creativity in order to promote growth and success within a business? Keep reading and we’ll fill you in…

Top Tip Number 1: Nourishing the Creative Environment

One of the most important aspects of improving your creative skills is nourishing the creative environment. A work culture that invites creative interaction provides employees and teams with space and confidence to get your job done more creatively and even find ways to improve on it.

Allowing a little time and space to get together with a colleague, friend or employee to do a mind mapping activity or to brainstorm ideas gets the creative juices flowing as well as increases productivity.

Top Tip Number 2: Working as a Team

Getting together to share ideas with each other brings us to the second top top: teamwork! It really does make the dream work and is essential for this part of the creative process. Ideas and thoughts are rarely ever the same amongst a group, as each person has different life experiences and thus, perceives and responds to things differently. So, don’t be discouraged to disagree with team members because constantly agreeing with each other does not promote creativity.

However, respectful discourse and open evaluation when sharing different ideas is important. This doesn’t mean that the team will never agree on anything, but it’s part of human nature to base our present ideas off past experiences. Thus, each person should have a different perspective on given problems as well as different ways to solve them and working together as a team ultimately brings those ideas and solutions together.

Top Tip number 3: Embracing Change

Living in an ever-changing world highlights the importance of being able to adjust. Change is one of the most powerful professional development tools and innovation and creativity towards any change are leading factors to organisational growth and improvement. Being open to exploring new ideas and concepts is extremely valuable in order to achieve growth and success in the workplace.


By considering these top tips you can use creativity to promote growth within your organisation or business. Cultivating a creative work environment, working as a team and embracing change all clear the path for better ideas, solutions and outcomes.


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